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Theme: The Body and Representation

Introducing Part One, Editorial: Interrogating the Body

Excerpt from the Editor's Letter:


"In analysing the different aspects of our bodies, we aim to reclaim and celebrate the body which cares for and carries us. At the molecular level, the body is a complicated set of cells interacting with one another at rapid speed. At this level we are all almost identical, striving for the same goal of surviving for as long as we can. Whatever differentiates us can’t change this fundamental truth. When the body starts to interact with the structures we have created, however, that’s when our identities begin to fracture."

A sneak peak inside:

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Articles include:

Page 10

"The Body Politic"

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"Women in Art"

Page 20

"Who Owns Our Bodies?"

Part Two, 500voices: Everyday Trailblazers

Excerpt from our 500voices team:


"We often neglect the social abstractions, such as culture and language, that are a part of our surroundings and, by extension, our bodies. These intrinsic constructs, forming our social norms and personal perceptions, shape the way we not only see ourselves, but how we use our body. Our limbs, our faces are vessels for complex conversations, surpassing a mere evolutionary means for survival, but rather provide a rich tapestry of meaningful interactions with ourselves and our surroundings. These experiences are strung together to form our future self-dialogue and external expressions, but is it to our advantage or detriment? Our backs cave with the pressure of upholding socio-cultural standards of beauty and body, whilst we struggle to align this superficial version of ourselves with our values. "

A sneak peak inside:

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Issue 1, March 2019