Where are the articles on philosophical dilemmas, nuclear fusion, or architecture’s impact on sociology? At TLW, we want to see the representation of wom*n’s interests spread into male-dominated academic fields. We want to dismantle the assumption that wom*n cannot engage deeply in both arts and science. We want to see femininity being synonymous with complexity and independent thinking. This is where you come in. What are you curious about? Through what lens do you see the world? Each person’s view is unique, molded and shaped by their life experiences and mind. We want you to share yours with us.


TLWdesign is the place for fem*le designers and artists of any medium to embrace self expression and also to promote their own brand. Artists are free to post on our instagram and website on a rotational basis. They are also challenged to create artistic responses to our articles in order to create a holistic piece which interprets the article.


TLWfinance is a team focused on garnering financial supporters, organising fundraisers and merchandise for TLW. The job includes budgeting, applying for grants and sponsorships and managing all accounts. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the position description and apply below!


500voices is a social media platform, aiming to capture the feats and struggles of the everyday woman. We want to bring a sense of importance and urgency to unnoticed daily microaggressions, whilst navigating the world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty in a raw and accessible way. By helping creating a space,where women can speak their mind, without the constraints of formality, you are contributing to the new wave of representation that leaves an audience feeling heard and validated.


Regardless of your social media following or virtual prowess, you’re a connected individual. So why not harness that to promote That Loud Wom*n? Your application here will be the start of you using your voice to evolve this space for others - encouraging their LOUD expression alongside yours.