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March 4, 2018

Trigger warning: refers to child abuse

We live in troubling times.

This is a phrase that has been discussed and debated upon by writers, politicians and receptionists, across conferences rooms and dinner tables. Inevitably, the conversation ambles towards the ominous and mercurial thundercloud that is ‘Trump’. And here it screeches to a halt, mainly because regurgitating the criticisms and jibes of the New York Times and Trevor Noah can become monotonous. I can’t be the only one who scrolls faste...

September 4, 2017

As a self-ascribed subject to the cult of literature, I believe it’s important to admit that there will always exist a list of ‘impenetrable’ books. Perhaps ground-breaking, Booker Prize winning but undoubtedly impenetrable.  Books that you may have read once, even twice if you’re the courageous type, but eventually tossed back into the library or beneath some inconspicuous shelf. Or perhaps, somewhere along the arduous journey to completion, you simply gave up (we’ve all done it). In fact I’ve...

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