What is TLW*?

What Do We Care About?

We exist to enforce equal opportunity for loudness. A loud wom*n is one who possesses a strong, unwavering, and irrepressible voice. They pitch in the boardroom, ask and answer questions in the classroom - they speak their mind, listen attentively, are able to interact freely with their environment. We believe that the social system that we belong to does not encourage, and actively suppresses, loud fem*le voices. This can lead to a wom*n not utilising their voice because of their own internal qualms or backlash and lack of tolerance from those around them. That’s where we come in. We started to help a single wom*n achieve loudness and we’ll end when every single wom*n has achieved loudness.


What Are We Doing?


TLWmag is a collaboration between the editorial branch of TLW and 500 voices. Each edition is themed and split into two sections - the first part showcasing writers analysing an aspect of that theme from every angle - politically, scientifically, economically, even sociologically. The second half features the creative works of 500voices, engaging with the theme in a contemporary, mix-media way. This is in the long-standing battle to render wom*n’s voices, and in a broader sense femininity, to be synonymous with complexity. ‘Wom*n’s interest’ nowadays seems so narrow and singular, defined by pastel-coloured happiness and pilates. The problem isn’t in the fact that they are concepts associated with wom*nhood, but they are dictated to be the only concepts wom*n should enjoy. With this magazine, and articles to be published in the future, we hope to denounce that wom*n move and think in hive-mind collectives. Instead, here’s to an ever-growing feminine presence that is marked by diversity and complexity.


500voices is a platform to encourage conversation about topical issues that are relevant to the young wom*n. This is a space to express opinions, share experiences, life lessons, and insights into being a fem*le in the 21st Century.


TLWdesign is the place for fem*le designers and artists of any medium to embrace self expression and also to promote their own brand. Artists are free to post on our instagram and magazine on a rotational basis. They are also challenged to create artistic responses to our articles in order to create a holistic piece which interprets the article.

A Note About Us

We don’t discriminate based on anyone’s views - a wom*n does not have to agree with our ideology nor do we have to agree with theirs, they can say whatever she chooses and we still support her. Regardless of what you think - we're here for you, for your friend, for every woman you know and every woman you don’t.  Nevertheless we have no tolerance for sexism, homophobia, racism or transphobia or any other forms of hate speech.


We work with an understanding and emphasis of the varied privileges and disadvantages that women have. Some women have easy access to expressing themselves, others are barred from doing so and face severe penalties as a result. We work for and represent women from all communities, cultures and religions.