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October 19, 2019

When my great-grandmother was 13 in colonial Malaya, she was tattooed by “gypsies” using rose thorns, soot and animal fat. I say “gypsies” following my grandmother’s loose translation of this bit of my family history from Tamil. Until the day she died, my great-grandmother remained defined by a faded, wrinkled lizard tattoo– its backstory making her much cooler than anyone I will ever know. She was a badass but not everyone in the family thought so.

Four generations of women in my family have tat...

September 19, 2019

In the last twelve months alone, Melbourne has seen some pretty major rallies shake up the city centre. The Change The Rules rally in April attracted 150,000 workers requesting, demanding better pay and working conditions. On March 15, the school strike for climate in Melbourne drew 50,000 students and supporters to Parliament steps. On January 26, 80,000 marched from Parliament to  Flinders Street for the Invasion Day rally. In all these nationally concerted efforts, Melbourne’s rallies attract...

June 3, 2019

On the narratives told during elections

The politics of personality has dominated Australian newspapers, relegating the politics of policy to the realm of think tanks and technocrats. But how has this domination been constructed? Who wins? Who loses? And can we get ourselves out of this personality frenzy?

The media obsesses over leadership contests between party leaders, their biographies, and their everyday lives right down to their attendance to Easter Sunday church services.  Australian citize...

October 3, 2018

The first night of the cat being in the house, everyone slept with their bedroom doors open. It might have been the first time my family had been that intimate, but our household dynamic had been unsettled. There was a kitten to accommodate, and I think we were hoping that leaving our rooms open would entice her to enter sometime during the night, jumping onto our beds like an animal familiar, choosing one of us for a quest we had been waiting all our lives. She didn’t – she was too small and sc...

September 30, 2018

       In life, there are certain things that are best kept separate. Your phone password from your friends, for example. Or chocolate from your dog. In my case, it was boys from my parents. (Boyfriend’s edit: “Boys should be singular not plural. Wait...are you writing about me?” “Yes, I am writing about you. Babe, stop looking!”)

Before judgement is fired and chaos descends, kindly allow me to present my case.

      As a second-generation Asian-Australian educated at Victoria’s top...

March 4, 2018

Trigger warning: refers to child abuse

We live in troubling times.

This is a phrase that has been discussed and debated upon by writers, politicians and receptionists, across conferences rooms and dinner tables. Inevitably, the conversation ambles towards the ominous and mercurial thundercloud that is ‘Trump’. And here it screeches to a halt, mainly because regurgitating the criticisms and jibes of the New York Times and Trevor Noah can become monotonous. I can’t be the only one who scrolls faste...

February 27, 2018

How ingrained gender norms regarding communication can affect women in leadership positions.

Yes, we all know there is a gender disparity in leadership positions worldwide, and yes, we know that men are more likely to be CEOs than women. But did you know that there are fewer women in the top roles than there are men named John, Peter or David!? Okay, so let’s ask why. Why aren’t women chosen for top positions? Why do women refrain from putting themselves up for the top position? Why are people so...

February 25, 2018

Two winters ago, I had the great privilege of visiting the Salt and Light International School, nestled in the rural nooks of Cambodia; there, I spent a short but insightful week living, eating, and learning with the young Cambodian girls who welcomed me—a quite nervous and unsettled foreigner—so lovingly into their tight-knit, loving community.

Living alongside these girls, whose ages ranged from four to twenty, was both an eye-opening and inspiring experience; the girls woke up promptly at 5:00...

February 18, 2018

Coming off the Babe article about Aziz Ansari, I found myself struggling to say #MeToo in support of the writer. It’s not that I didn’t think her story was valid, but I didn’t know if I could put the words assault there.

I’ve been sexually molested and assaulted. Those men clearly violated my wishes and explicit and repeated no’s. But when I read the article, I wondered if it was fair for the author to accuse Aziz Ansari of not being able to read her non-verbal cues. And I found myself agreeing t...

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